Our choir is run by three paid, part-time staff and governed by a volunteer board of directors. We are a registered Charity.

We are proud to offer professional, high quality instruction, at a cost well below that of other choirs. Our goal is make the choir accessible to all members of our community, including offering bursaries where needed.

As a non-profit, the board must balance the budget. Fees only cover half of our costs; the rest must be made up through fundraising, grants, donations and corporate sponsorships.

Our administration costs are kept low with parent volunteers covering many tasks.

Please consider contributing your time to help with:

Thursday afternoon rehearsals:

  • Child pick ups from school
  • Clean up
  • Rehearsal assistant (supervision, photocopying, emergency back up etc)

Concert Production & Choir Promotion:

  • Flyer/Poster design
  • Flyer/Poster distribution
  • Concert supervision
  • Concert Set up/Clean up
  • Concert Reception planning
  • Ushering at concerts

Board of Directors:

  • Quarterly meetings (eg: October, January, April, August)
  • Long term planning
  • Grant applications
  • Sponsorships
  • Record keeping, archives

Please note: Adults from outside the Choir parent body will require a Police Check for any duties working directly with the Choir children.

If you do not have a child in the Choir, please print and fill out our Volunteer Application Form [PDF] and mail it along with two sealed reference forms to the address listed on the form to begin the Application process. We will contact you within a week if you are selected for an interview. View our opportunities at Volunteer Toronto.

If you do have a child in the Choir, a Volunteer Form will be included with your Choir Registration package, or you can email the Choir at any time to indicate your availability and skills: mimicochildrenschoir@gmail.com