Guidelines for being a Great Chorister

Please review with your child!


  • The choir is a team and all players are important. Your child’s commitment to attending choir rehearsals and performances and behaving appropriately is expected and essential to our success.
  • If he/she is unable to attend a choir rehearsal or performance, please email as early as possible to let us know.
  • Three absences from choir activities over a three month period may result in a review and possible termination of the chorister’s membership.
  • Likewise, continued behaviour problems (excessive talking, disruptive or disrespectful behaviour) will also necessitate review of chorister’s membership.


  • Arrive on time – 5-10 minutes before rehearsal begins. Arrive in time to use the washroom before rehearsal begins if you need to.
  • In winter and any other inclement weather, please remove footwear inside the main entrance of the church. Please hang coats and/or back packs on the hooks in the lower hall. The doorway(s) must be clear at all times.
  • No gum, food or drink in the rehearsal area. Any snacks should be consumed at the tables.
  • No talking during rehearsal unless you are asking or answering a question – please raise your hand as you would in class and respect your instructors and fellow singers. *Rehearsal will be much more interesting and will move more quickly if we are all focused on singing and listening, and not on talking to our neighbours!*
  • To minimize distractions, we ask that preschoolers not be in the rehearsal area once choir rehearsal begins.
    (Parents/Caregivers may use the nursery next to the hall if needed – there are toys and activities there. Please tidy up before you leave.)
  • Parents are always welcome to observe rehearsal – but please refrain from talking.
  • Please respect that the church is not a gymnasium but a place of peace and worship – no yelling, running, horsing around or exploring the property without permission. We are allowed to use this space with the understanding that we will respect it.


  • Try to review your music every couple of days – there will be MP3 Tracks for you to sing along with, and PDFs of the music available to print.
  • Practice sitting and standing properly when you are reviewing, follow your music with a finger as you would while reading text.
  • Ask a parent to check your bag/music folder after rehearsal for any recent flyers etc. We will also keep in touch with email and the website, for those who are online.


  • Please Note Chorister Arrival Time and plan ahead to arrive early, not just before the performance begins. The choristers need time to use the washroom, prepare, focus, line up and warm up before a performance.
  • Performance uniform is usually Red Choir T-shirts (provided by the choir, cost included in choir fees) with black pants or skirt, black tights or socks, black shoes if possible. A black long-sleeved shirt may be worn under the choir t-shirt if you are worried about your child being cold. Please let us know if you need black pants – we have some extras.
  • You will be notified well in advance if there is a different uniform required, such as for an outdoor venue.
  • Hair should be tidy and long hair pinned back.
  • No food or drink other than water, and no electronic devices, money or valuables should be brought to performances as they  may be left unattended. Anything of value should be left with parents/guardians.
  • You may bring a quiet activity such as a book, magazine, homework or drawing notebook in case there is waiting time backstage.