Pick Up/ Drop Off

Hiya Choir Families!

A quick note about pick up and drop off.

The front doors of the church are no longer available as the church is currently undergoing renovations, which will result in greater accessibility. As such, we will all be entering and exiting via the back door. To access the back door, please go down the lane way (the one on the John English side), around the back of the church, and to the green door on the Hillside side. Please wait at the back of the church for pick-up.


Judy Verseghy
Community Engagement Manager

Mimico Children’s Choir
Email: mimicochildrenschoir
Webpage: www.MimicoChildrensChoir.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MimicoChildrensChoir

2016-2017 Season GOLD SPONSORS
http://mcizmar.com http://recroomchildcare.ca/ TD Canada Trust - Parklawn and Lake Shore
Sponsorship Opportunities still available!