Upcoming Concerts

Hello Choir Families,

Some quick notes about our upcoming concerts:

First, this coming Thursday is our special concert for our gold level sponsors, the Rec Room! This concert is not only a great opportunity for our choristers to practice performing in a low-key, relaxed setting, but the kids at Rec Room love it! Please be sure to send your chorister(s) with their red choir shirts this Thursday for the performance.

Secondly, the lovely folks at Mimico Baptist have welcomed our choristers to carry palms in a procession to the front of the church at the beginning of our Palm Sunday performance on April 9th. In order to ensure that we acquire the correct number of palms, please let me know if your chorister will be unable to attend our April 9th performance by this Thursday, March 30.

Thanks, and see you Thursday!

Judy Verseghy
Community Engagement Manager

Mimico Children’s Choir
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2016-2017 Season GOLD SPONSORS
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