Take a ticket, leave a ticket

Hi choir families!

Tickets are now SOLD OUT for Sunday’s show. Amazing, right? Unless you happen to be someone who hasn’t bought their tickets yet, in which case you might need some. Having heard from someone in this exact position, I figured I’d put the call out and see if we can connect folks with complementary needs.

So, please contact me if

  • You need tickets but don’t have them, OR
  • You have tickets but no longer need them, and are willing to sell them off.

Now clearly, if you’re a family that has yet to buy your tickets, I can’t promise anything. But there’s no harm in trying!

See you all this afternoon.

Judy Verseghy
Community Engagement Manager

Mimico Children’s Choir
Email: mimicochildrenschoir
Webpage: www.MimicoChildrensChoir.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MimicoChildrensChoir

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