Mimico Tree Lighting

Hi Choir Families!

So that was quite a performance we had this last week at mass! Thank you to all of the choristers who came and sang their hearts out, and to all of the supportive family and friends in the audience! As you know, that performance was just the first of many for the season, so prepare yourself for even more delightful moments.

Our next performance is this Sunday, December 6th at the Mimico Christmas Tree Lighting in Mimico Square. We are going on at 4:30, so please arrive promptly at 4:15 for warm up.

Please make sure that you dress warmly as it can get cold with the wind coming off of the lake. There is no need to wear your concert clothes as nobody will see them under your coats. We will be providing matching red scarves for warmth and aesthetic continuity.

See you then!

Judy Verseghy
Community Engagement Manager

Mimico Children’s Choir
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Webpage: www.MimicoChildrensChoir.com

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